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DIY Silent PC for Music Production

DIY Silent PC for Music Production

Music Tech

Last week I was struggling with a new 45-track project in Ableton. There was something about the vocals that didn’t sound right in my Dynadio BM 15 monitors. On top of this my old PC was struggling to keep up even though I had “frozen” as many track as I possibly could. The heavy load meant that audio was dropping out constantly and that the DAW would crash frequently. Altogether very annoying.

My old PC is a Core2 Quad (2.83 GHz) with 4 GB RAM. I should mention that it also has a SSD (Solid State Drive) cache drive from Synapse which I installed some time ago. A cache drive is highly recommended if you use lots of samples. It really speeds things up tremendously and gives a smoother performance. My old PC has served me well, but I decided it was time for an upgrade and ultimately I ended up building a new PC from scratch. Before I purchased the parts I did quite a bit of research, and I hope some of that can help others looking to upgrade their audio workstation.

Upgrade or buy new?

I started by investigating what options I had if I decided to upgrade. This is all determined by the type of motherboard you have and I my case it was a IntelĀ® Desktop Board DG31PR. I quickly realized that my options were very limited. (more…)

Fun and Games

Fun and Games


I have followed the Tour de France closely for many years. I’m not really a big sports fan, except when it comes to cycling. It is a sport that you either hate or love, but I am pleased that one of my favorite artists Kraftwerk also loves The Tour. Just check out their album “Tour de France”. Brilliant! This year my favorite team (Saxo Bank / Tinkoff Bank) has not been able to produce the great results that I have been accustomed to. So to add a bit of excitement to this years Tour de France Experience I have set up a online gambling account. I’m not really big on gambling, but it definitely adds a bit of spice to the whole experience. So far I have not had much luck with my bets, so I guess I would have been better off spending my money on one of those popular online poker games. (more…)

A nice PC for music production

Music Tech

I have been getting a bit fed up with audio dropouts and poor performance of my current PC, so I have decided to make a new one for music production. It will be replacing my trusted old Core2 Quad with 4 GB RAM. The goal for my new PC:

  • It must not cost a fortune
  • It must be silent
  • It must be fast
  • It must be upgradeable and allow overclocking

I making it from scratch and will post my progress here when I’m done.

Raspberry Pi

Inspiration / Music Tech

Raspberry Pi Circuit Board I finally got my Raspberry Pi, and I’m starting to think how it could be used for music and sound experimentation. I already own a Arduino, and together with the Pi that could open up a whole array of interesting possibilities. Both are small and portable. The Arduino makes it easy to use sensors and thereby “connect” with the physical world. The Arduino lacks computing power and audio, but the Raspberry Pi has both these bases covered. With it’s OS (Linux) comes PD, ChucK etc. and it also has high quality audio. Time to start hacking.. :o)

Free Album from IDMf

Featured Tracks

The IDMf Netlabel has released an album called “80Hz Sacred Surplus”. It consists of ten great bass heavy tracks and can be downloaded for free.